This website is the home-base of BomSan Legal & Compliance Services, a one man business. BomSan offers services – in principle only Business to Business – in the field of Legal and Compliance, defined here as external and/or internal regulations that a company has to fulfil. Please find more details in the background.

I offer Legal and Compliance Services on a part time or full time basis, depending on need – and my availability. Although I have Risk related experience, including managing Risk Officers, Risk is not my expertise. If help is wanted in the Legal and/or Compliance field, I will not evade any Risk related issues that come along. If you are looking for a Risk professional though, I am not the right man for the job. Nonetheless I am more than happy to point you to people in my network, if it helps you.

Key features that describe me best are the high standards that I set and permanently strive for, besides a strong eye for efficiency and thus cost containment. I am very good in finding workable solutions within given limits. I consider myself a strategic consultant on Legal and Compliance as well as business in general and enjoy operating on all levels. I have high verbal and presentation skills which date back to my experience in pleading cases before court. To close, many have considered me as a quick learner.

My specialities are Contract law and Data Privacy law. I have a broad knowledge of a lot of other laws, combined with a financial insight. There is a strong affinity within me for complex matters and especially explaining them in simple words.
I love to educate and train others. The large number of products I helped developing, resulting in fruitful implementation, prove my ability for out of the box thinking. This is one of the reasons why I like to use the words Self Navigator to describe who I am and what I do.